Changed Lives Campaign

Your monthly, tax deductible, donation can help make a difference in the lives of First Responders across the United States! These funds will be used to help battle the mental health issues that many First Responders face. Through peer support and/or scholarships for licensed counseling, we can assist those who may need further help. While Counseling may be very much needed, it can also be quite expensive. So your donations will help make a huge difference and relieve the financial stress of the First Responder seeking help. We want to give them every reason to say YES when it comes to receiving the help they need. So when we say "Your donation could truly help save the life of a First Responder", we mean every word of it. These donations will also go to help personnel receive further Peer Support training as they continue to further their education in this field.



***There is no contract and giving may be cancelled at any time.


***Individual and Business Options Available!


Giving Options