This is the 3rd annual “Next Rung’s Got Your 6 Throwdown”. We are extremely excited about this event, which will offer a competitive individual and partner workout, and the opportunity to raise awareness for our mission as we walk beside First Responders who battle with mental health issues. All funds raised will go back to help us continue to offer peer support and a help line that is available 7 days a week, provide professional resources for counseling and treatment centers, along with providing financial assistance for those professional resources. We want to give every first responder the ability to say yes and get the help they deserve.

This event will be hosted at 4 Locations with LIVE workouts:

The Partner LIVE EVENT will be hosted in Covington, Ga at CrossFit Unyielding on May 20. Teams can be co-ed, all male, or all female. 

The Individual LIVE EVENTS will be hosted at:

Columbia CrossFit (Columbia, Connecticut) May 13

CrossFit Future (Blacklick, Ohio) July 8

CrossFit NPV (Long Island, NY) July 22

The Workout

The workouts for each event will be posted on social media.  


To register for Connecticut event, click here
To register for Georgia event, click here.