Our Mission

Our mission is to help combat mental health issues among Firefighters and First Responders. We want to be a beacon of hope during these difficult times that many of us face. Mental health issues and an alarming amount of suicides have become a major problem among our profession.


We tackle these issues through our “Pillars”. Pillar I - Peer Support: Peer support is one-on-one conversation with another firefighter/first responder just like the person who is contacting us for help. We can help resolve a lot of issues through this alone. Sometimes all a person may need is a conversation where they can talk about the things they’ve been hanging on to. When they speak with one of our trained Peer Support Providers, they will be able to talk through whatever issues they are facing. Pillar II - Avenues for Professional Help: We offer a few avenues for Firefighter/First Responders to obtain professional help. We will help locate a professional counselor/therapist in their area and make sure the counselor/therapist they are seeing is the right fit. In addition to locating a counselor/therapist, we will help provide financial assistance for the licensed counseling if they are unable to afford it or their insurance is unable to cover the cost of the sessions. Lastly, we will also help locate and provide financial assistance for rehabilitation. We know many firefighters/first responders struggle with addiction and we want to help them overcome that and win their life and family back. 


Overwhelmingly, our desire is to provide resources for our brothers and sisters so they can take ACTION. Awareness is great, but just like words with out action are dead, so is awareness without proper resources. So if you or a firefighter/first responder you know is in need, simply text “SUPPORT” to 1-833-698-7864 and we promise to walk with you through whatever it is you’re facing.