What We Do

Our mission is to intertwine physical and mental fitness in the field of First Responders. We believe that both of these are vital to doing our job well. If we can keep ourselves physically healthy, it impacts and supports our mental health tremendously. Mental health issues and an alarming amount of suicides have become more of an epidemic among Firefighters, EMS Personnel, and Police Officers (⚠️Fire and EMS reported suicides totalling to 103 and Police/Law Enforcement reported suicides totalling to 140 for 2017⚠️). Through peer support, scholarships for licensed counseling, and free daily workouts; we hope to help conquer mental health issues in First Responders and lower the number of possible suicides each year. If we can help just a few of our brothers and sisters through the dark and difficult times they may encounter, we'll consider it a success for the entire First Responder community.