What We Do

Our mission is to help combat mental health issues among Firefighters and First Responders. We want to be a beacon of hope during these difficult times that many of us face. Mental health issues and an alarming amount of suicides have become more of an issue among Firefighters and EMS Personnel (⚠️ Most recently they have even begun outnumbering LODDs ⚠️). By providing peer support (one-on-one conversation with another firefighter/first responder) and financial assistance for licensed counseling (we will find a counselor who fits you, that lives in your area, and help cover the cost of the first cycle of sessions), we hope to give our brothers and sisters a way to fight back and provide them with an understanding of what they are experiencing. We also give back to families who have lost their Firefighter/First Responder to suicide by providing a care package and monetary donation. The death of their firefighter/first responder was not in vain and we will honor them by raising more awareness of the struggles they faced. Overwhelmingly, our desire is to bring a new level of awareness to the increasing issues we face as Firefighters/First Responders. However, we are not only here for “US”, but we are here for the First Responder family as well. We know that this lifestyle doesn’t only impact the one working the job, but those who surround them when they are off the job. Honestly, if we can help just a few of our brothers and sisters and First Responder Families through the dark and difficult times they may encounter, we'll consider it a win for the whole First Responder community!