Thank You for Partnering with Us!

We are so grateful for businesses who continue to partner with us! Without donations like these, we couldn’t continue to provide help to our brothers and sisters, and fellow first responders. We are grateful for the family that we have built along the way. If you’d like to partner with us through a fundraising event, we are all ears!!!


We have a new selection of apparel on the way. It will be available for preorder soon! Once the preorder is closed, the apparel will be produced and then shipped!!! Thanks for your patience and we can’t wait to get you new gear!



We exist to make an impact in the lives of firefighters and first responders. Our goal is to provide quality resources that will help combat mental health issues that plague our profession. We want to help you!



Peer Support Help Line

(Text SUPPORT To 1.833.698.7864)

Resources For Professional Counseling

(Text COUNSELING To 1.833.698.7864)

Resources for Professional Treatment Against Addiction

(Text TREATMENT to 1.833.698.7864)



Each Monday of the year, we take the opportunity to wear green. Green is the recognized color of Mental Health Awareness and we believe it deserves more than just one month (MAY) out of the year. So make sure you grab one of our green shirts or green items from the store and help us raise awareness and further our mission to tackle the mental health issues of firefighters and first responders across America!



If you‘re unfamiliar with peer support and wondering what it’s like, it’s pretty simple actually. Peer Support is one-on-one conversation with someone just like you. Each peer support provider that serves with us is a Firefighter and EMT or Paramedic. That means they know and understand the lifestyle that you live, which makes the conversation so much easier. No matter what you’re dealing with in life (AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE JOB RELATED), we have someone who would love to walk with you through whatever it is that you’re facing. Simply text the word SUPPORT to 1-833-698-7864 and wait for a reply.



If there’s anything we can be sure of, Iit’s not just you. We all go through difficult times in life. No matter what the situation is, no matter if it’s work related or family related, we are here to help you get the best available resources and get through it. We care about you and your family, and we would be grateful for the opportunity walk beside you through whatever you’re facing. Remember, the only thing that’s constant is change. Which means there’s never a reason to make permanent decision for a temporary problem.

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