We strive to make an impact in the First Responder Community... It's that simple!!! Our goal is to provide resources to help combat the mental health issues that plague Firefighters and First Responders. We serve our communities so faithfully, now it's time that we take care of our own. 

Do You or Someone You Know Need Help?

Department Wide Help

Unfortunately, there are times of tragedy and traumatic experiences within departments. If your department has experienced anything of this nature, we want to provide our resources. If we have someone local, we will be happy to have them on stand-by for your department members. If we do not have anyone local, we will be happy to connect virtually (face-to-face) or by phone call/text depending on what your personnel need. Again, we are here for you and your department.  Please allow us to be a resource in your time of need. 

For more information call our office at (678) 783-3686 or email with any questions.

GREEN Monday

GREEN is more than a color, it’s a MOVEMENT! We pioneered Green Monday to become a way to bring awareness to Mental Health in First Responders. It’s a way to help people know and remember that they are not alone in this battle. Don’t stay quiet, speak up! We are here to help! 

How Can You Partner With Us?

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