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Your monthly or one time (tax deductible) donation can help make a difference in the lives of Firefighters and First Responders across the United States! These funds will be used to help battle the mental health issues that many First Responders face. With the donations we receive, we are able to provide peer support, financial assistance for licensed counseling and locating of counselors in the first responders area, and we are able to give back to families of First Responders that have taken their life by suicide. Our goal is to rally around First Responders and their families to provide them with as much help and support as possible. We strive to be a beacon of light and hope during these times of darkness. Whether it’s the First Responder struggling personally or the family of a First Responder, we will do everything in our power to provide them with the proper resources. So when we say your donations will help make a trememdous difference in the lives of First Responders and First Responder Families, we absolutely mean it. Thank you for your consideration and partnership in our endeavor to change lives.  


Thank you to our sponsors for supporting us and our cause!

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